Chameleon OS (or ChaOS for short) is a custom Android ROM that gives the user more control than they can experience on any other Android ROM. Starting with a CyanogenMOD base, we customize each piece to give ultimate control while maintaining the simplicity we all love about Android. The most notable feature of ChaOS is the theme engine, which can apply different pieces of themes in a true mix-and-match style. The launcher has been completely overhauled with tons of options that you'd normally need to download a third-party launcher for, such as home screen previews, folder sorting, and folder icon styles. The Messaging app has also had some UI retouches, including messaging bubbles and quick emoji button.

The entire framework of ChaOS has been modified around the theme engine, allowing for custom fonts, boot animations (with animated preview), and themes. No longer do you have to try to find the perfect theme, with Chameleon OS you can patch it together with your favorite pieces from different themes. Messaging, Phone, Status Bar, icons, everything can be set completely individually from each other which provides the capabilities to completely re-imagine your phone. Creating themes for the ChaOS Theme Engine is superbly simple and has extreme versatility.

Even with all of the features we've currently implemented, ChaOS will continue to mature with even more refined settings and features. We will be completely open source and will welcome developers to join us, whether it be by maintaining a device or utilizing our gerrit review. Even if you're not a developer, your voice will not go unheard. We will continually poll our users for the most wanted features and do our best to implement them.

Official Devices:

  • Nexus 4
  • Nexus 7
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Galaxy SIII
  • Galaxy SII
  • One XL
  • One S
  • Droid Incredible 4G
  • Xperia T
  • Kindle Fire
  • Nook Color
  • More to come...

Unofficial Devices

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